Thursday, September 18, 2008

16 Weeks!!!

To say that there have been a few changes going on in my life would be an understatement. Of course the biggest of these is that I am currently 16 weeks, 4 days pregnant. For the last several weeks I have stood, frozen, holding my breath, waiting for something to go wrong with this pregnancy. And while I--perhaps more than anyone--realize that plenty could still go wrong between now and March 1, 2009, I am ready to take that leap of faith and enjoy my pregnancy. I deserve it. Greg deserves it. And this beautiful, perfect baby growing inside of me certainly deserves it. And the truth is....I LOVE being pregnant. I haven't felt sick at all, and I have been feeling movement for the past several weeks, and I am delighted with every bit of it.

I began this blog in the middle of our journey---we have already been blessed with an AMAZING little lady with the help of fertility treatment. We were going through treatment to add to our family, when my ectopic pregnancy happened. That is where this blog picks up. Now that I am pregnant, this blog will be taking on a different tone, and switching gears to being more pregnancy and motherhood related. There will still be plenty of talk of infertility, as it will follow me forever, and as we continue to grow our family. But in the future, I may have to move it over to being password protected at some point so that I can share more of my life and protect my family at the same time.