Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kindergarten Rocks!

Leading up to Monday, I have been reading the book Kindergarten Rocks to Abby to get her excited about school. We are 4 days in, and I think I can safely say that indeed, kindergarten does rock.

Any fears that I may have had that Abby would have a hard time adjusting were completely washed away when she headed down the hall with her new classmates on the first day, without so much as a glance back in my direction. It was simultaneously a huge source of pride to see my girl so confident and independent, and also a huge blow to my mom ego that perhaps she isn't as dependent on me as I am on her.

Ethan starts preschool next Tuesday. Meet the teacher was this morning and went perfect....until another 3 year old boy "borrowed" the bus my son happened to want to play with. Poor kid was the lucky recipient of Ethan's wrath. This year should be a blast for his teachers! And then it will just be me and Reese 2 days a week. This is the point at which my ovaries quiver, and I start to imagine what life would be like with 4 kids. Heaven help my poor husband. :)

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